Sunday 6 March 2016

Teknik Menguli - Petrissage

A stroke that picks up the muscle and squeezes it. Usually done with two hands, alternating between each hand, but can be done with one hand.

a. Milks the muscle of waste products
b. Can help to free adhesions
c. Increases circulation and nutrition to the muscle
d. Along with effleurage can be considered a complete back

Terdapat  4 jenis teknik menguli:

Kneading - muscles and superficial tissues are compressed, squeezed and relaxed. The hands move rhythmically in a circular way.

Picking up - muscles are lifted and squeezed in one or two hands.

Wringing - lifting, squeezing and wringing of muscles.

Skin rolling - two hands are used to hold and roll skin between fingers.


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