Monday 14 March 2016

Belajar Urutan Teknik Geseran

Urutan jenis Geseran atau Friction is a stroke that pokes through the skin and massages the underlying muscles. While doing friction "put on the skin like a glove" to reach through it and massage the muscles. Ask the
patient frequently if you are deep enough or if you are too deep.

Always do friction on the opposite side of the spine from where you are standing. Strokes are usually done in the direction of the muscle fibers

a. Mengurut untuk tisu urat lebih dalam
b. Memecahkan urat-urat yang tegang
c. Memechkan urat-urat tersimpul
d. Menambah pengaliran darah ke otot

Urutan dengan Ibu Jari - Thumb Friction

Urut dengan ibu jari dengan teknik tekanan membulat

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